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About Hill Top

We all cherish a dream to Paradise... to be in the floating clouds, dancing moonbeams and misty mountains.
At Hotel Hill Top Panhala you can really and truly feel in heavens. The hotel is set over more than 2 acres of a Vedanta landscape and has a kaleidoscopic view of the scenic hills. Panhala is known as the best hill station standing 3200 feet above sea level with a very pleasant summer, misty climate in rainy season and cold in winter. The site is a beautiful nature escape with historical heritage of the Moghul Empire and Maratha Darbar and ruins still remain to make to explore the mysteries.
This place so abundant in nature's bounty is a perfect holiday destination for meditation, yoga and naturopathy. It is also an ideal place for those who would rather rely on more modern methods of fitness, like Jogging, Trekking, Outdoor Games, etc.

  • The rooms have all modern facilities. The restaurant situated with a view of the multi-continental delicious cuisine.
  • Though Hotel Hill Top, whisk you away to an euphoric ambience of the radiant skys it also provides all the amenities of urban life.
  • The unique feature is the spacious Lawns with 13,000 Sq Ft. area and Garden for Parties, Barbecues, Marriages etc. Separate Outdoor Kitchen & Children play ground is an added facility
Our Speciality
We always offer some special feature to our cutomers which are mentioned below
Restaurant & Lawn
Conference Hall
Children Park